Pet Services

Veterinary Services at Narellan Animal Hospital

As an Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association accredited hospital we strive to maintain the best standards in service, equipment and veterinary medicine.

Cat dental checkAll hospital veterinarians and nurses must maintain and continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge. Complete medical records are maintained for each patient.


We have, amongst the range of facilities our hospital offers:

  • a temperature controlled environment for the comfort and well being of your pet
  • an ‘in-house’ IDEXX laboratory for blood, urine and other testing
  • dedicated digital radiography suite
  • ‘State of the Art’ multiparameter anaesthetic monitoring equipment.
  • separate isolation ward

We have visiting specialist consultants for ultrasonography and access to a full range of specialists by referral.


Dental services including prophylaxis and extractions are provided on the premises.

Our qualified staff of veterinarians, vet nurses and groomers is happy to answer any of your pet questions. Give us a call on 02-4648-2450.

Pet Grooming

Pet groomingNarellan Animal Hospital offers a complete dog and cat grooming service by our professional groomers with over 15 years of experience between them. Please click here for more information on our Grooming Service.

Puppy Pre-school classes

For new puppy owners we host regular puppy pre-school courses on Tuesday nights, conducted by a professional dog trainer.

Cat Boarding

Thinking of going on holidays? Why not check out our ‘SuperCat’ runs that offer safe, comfortable individual cat boarding. Feel free to visit us to inspect the cattery. For more infomation please don’t hesitate to contact us. Ph: 46482450

Premium Diets and Accessories

We stock the full range premium and veterinary prescription diets and an extensive range of pet accessories, both in our vet clinic and on our online shop.

Pet Care Articles

We have access to hundreds of interesting articles relating to pet health for owners of dogs, cats, birds, fish and small pets.