Pet Dentistry Months

Narellan Animal Hospital - Upside down dog

May and June are Pet Dentistry Months at Narellan Animal Hospital!

FREE Dental chekcs between 1st May – 30th June ONLY, PLUS 20% off all dentistry!

Narellan Animal Hospital - Periodontal disease

Did you know that the majority of pets over four years old have some form of periodontal or gum disease? This disease is caused by plaque that builds up on the teeth and gums. Fortunately, preventative steps can be taken to help avoid dental disease.

Book your pet in today for a FREE dental check between May 1st May – 30th June ONLY, PLUS 20% off all dentistry!

There’s no doubt about it, dental disease in our pets really stinks! It is one of the most common problems we see in pets, affecting all ages and breeds. Prevention through regular check-ups is the best medicine, but if you have an older pet, you may feel concerned about them being put under anaesthesia during a dental check.

Narellan Animal Hospital - Dental disease
Narellan Animal Hospital - Flat-faced breed dental care

Do you have a flat-faced or brachycephalic pet?

Pugs, bulldogs, and Persian cats are all prone to dental issues due to their flat faces. Although the structure of their faces is different, they have the same number of teeth as other cats and dogs, which leads to overcrowding, causing injury and dental disease, due to trapped food.

From May 1st May – 30th June ONLY, you can book your pet in for a FREE dental check-up PLUS 20% off all dentistry! If you have any questions about dental health or would like to know more about dental procedures and your pet, please contact our friendly team.